Meet the Doctors

Dr. Douglas Brady, D.C.

Dr. Douglas Brady

“Chiropractic has always been a big part of my life. My passion for chiropractic started when I was 13 years old and I injured my lower back playing basketball. The pain was so intense I could hardly walk. My parents took me to our family chiropractor and I felt immediate relief after treatment. The next day I was back on the court. From that day I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor and help others through chiropractic care. I especially love being able to share that care and passion with my wife and 4 kids. Going to work everyday is a joy and I know that helping others gain relief from their pain and get closer to their optimum health and well being is what chiropractic is all about.”


Dr. Brady attended Colorado Mesa University for undergraduate studies and Parker University for graduate studies. Dr. Brady graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Brady is a Spanish speaking chiropractor.

“While in school I was amazed at all the many ways chiropractic care can help not only the individual but the family as a whole.” 

Dr Bouwhuis

Dr. Brandon Bouwhuis, D.C.

In the clinic, Dr. Bouwhuis is passionate about results, giving ever more effective care, and empowering patients to move on to live a happier, more abundant life. He has done extensive postgraduate training and continues to research and attend seminars on wellness, pregnancy, and new therapies that his patients could benefit from. 

Outside the clinic, Dr. Bouwhuis loves to serve in the community and in his church. He enjoys rock climbing, martial arts, and ballroom dance. He has served multiple mission trips to bring chiropractic care in Haiti where there is little to no access to healthcare.

Dr. Bouwhuis graduated with honors from Parker University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic, a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, and a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. Dr. Bouwhuis is a Russian speaking chiropractor.

My chiropractic story:

While I was entering my teenage years, my dad started going through his second bout of cancer. The first time, chemotherapy saved his life but had horrible side effects and the doctors were doubtful he’d survive a second round of chemo. My mom took it upon herself to research alternatives and she changed our diet and my dad recovered without any treatments. 

My mom got extensive training in natural healing and showed me how capable the body is at healing itself. I found that same approach to healthcare with my chiropractor growing up and I now share chiropractic to empower my patients to heal themselves.

Dr. William Leavitt, D.C. (Retired)

Dr. Leavitt

After over 30 years as a chiropractor serving Las Vegas, our founder and mentor Dr. William Leavitt has begun his retirement. His sincerity caring about his patients as people enabled him not only to heal masterfully, but to change lives. He served with his whole heart and cared for his patients like family. Dr. Leavitt enjoyed providing the best care and always learning more to help people better. He is loved by his patients, his family, and those he has trained to continue his vision. He continues to stand as an example of loving service as he goes on to enjoy his family, lift his community, and serve in his Church.