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Our Wonderful Team

Our front office staff is proficient in assisting patients during their visit at our office. They assist with obtaining preliminary information needed by the chiropractor and show patients to treatment rooms. They also work with patients to schedule follow up visits with the doctor. They make patients feel right at home with their warm smiles and attentive care.

Our back office staff can assist with the recording and submission of insurance billing information. They are very knowledgeable in this field and can address insurance questions of all types including auto medical coverage. They also assist with insurance prior authorizations and referrals for outside services recommended by the doctors.

Our chiropractic assistants have been trained to help make your visit in our office as comfortable as possible. They work with patient throughout the process of treatment and can answer basic patient questions.

Our team understands the value of spinal health and takes pride in working for a clinic that provides an excellent chiropractic experience for every patient that enters our facility.

Give Tropicana West Chiropractic a call so we can help you take the first steps towards health.

Nathan Anderson
Dr. Anderson has been freeing people from pain since 1980 in his clinic in San Diego, CA. As a Chiropractor with experience, our professionals are committed to promoting the health and well being of his patients.

Nathan Anderson uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. Dr. Anderson takes a 'whole person' approach in chiropractic care, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms often arise from imbalances in the spinal column, and Dr. Anderson will be able to determine the root of the pain and create a personalized chiropractic and wellness plan to suit each patient's individual needs. Under the supervision and care of our caring and skilled chiropractor, patients report higher functioning in all areas of their lives.