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The Role of Sports Physicals in Injury Prevention and Athlete Health

Regular physical examinations are essential for individuals of all ages to ensure overall health and well-being. When it comes to athletes, the importance of these examinations is even more significant. Sports physicals play a crucial role in evaluating an athlete's physical condition, identifying potential risks, and preventing injuries.

Preventing Chronic Ankle Sprains

The old recommendation was hard rest. Let the body heal, your body knows what it’s doing but if you keep reinjuring your ankle it can’t so stay off of it. What healthcare has discovered over the last two decades is that...

Functional Assessment for Optimal Performance

Functional assessment is an analysis of the motions most consistently used in your daily life or athletic activities... Commonly, one joint will be overworked and other joints underworked. For example, your shoulder joint may move excessively, while your shoulder blade is resting lazily at your shoulder. This causes...

How Does Cupping Work to Alleviate Muscle Tension and Pain?

Throughout the years, various therapies have been introduced to alleviate muscle tension and pain. Among these is a practice known as cupping. An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping has been a part of Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. It has gained popularity in the Western world in recent years due to its myriad of health benefits.

Staying True To your Goals

Goals are critical to self-esteem, confidence, and satisfaction with life. When you are setting and keeping goals you become a dependable trustworthy person that does what they say they will do. You feel accomplished because...

Components of Balance

As we exercise less, and spend more time in chairs, couches and walking on even surfaces our body doesn’t need to retain the same ability to balance and over years balance deteriorates. There is some balance that will be lost with age, but like anything else it is amazing how much of it can be retained or regained through...

Losing Weight for the Holidays

That is why we structured our weight loss program to involve a diet that increases energy levels and weekly coaching to help you navigate the challenges that are unique to your life.

Try Massage for Managing Holiday Stress

In case you missed the hint from the Christmas trees already up in Costco, the holidays are approaching fast. This is supposed to be the happiest time of year, but all too often

What Does Prioritizing Self-care Mean?

Self-care is all about understanding and fulfilling your own needs. It's about investing time and energy in oneself to ensure a healthy and balanced life.

Migraine Headache: Do I Have Them? What to Do?

We've laid out a quick way to help you identify if your headache is actually a migraine, given tips on self treatment, and a description of what professional treatment options your have.